The Reason Why Spacetalk Watches Don't Have Social Media or Internet Access

It’s no secret that Spacetalk smartwatches are full of great features. From HD Video Calls to SOS Alerts, each feature has been specially designed to keep kids and families safely connected.

However, it's the features we choose not to include in our smartwatches that are just as important as the ones we put in.

There are two big functions Spacetalk watches don’t have- there's no access to the internet or social media sites. This means no Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook or Snapchat, nor is there any opportunity for kids to do a Google search.

This lack of internet access is what sets Spacetalk apart from regular smartphones and is a big factor in why so many parents choose our devices for their children.

Let’s explore the reasons why we’ve chosen to leave these functions out of our devices and how this can be a huge benefit for kids.

No open internet access

The internet is a helpful tool and it’s hard to imagine life without it. Unlike a regular smartphone, kids can’t open an internet browser app and look things up from their Spacetalk smartwatch.

Kids should have access to the internet, but in controlled settings with a trusted adult to supervise and guide them through any potential dangers like scams, stranger danger or inappropriate websites.

This supervision is essential until children learn to use the internet safely on their own.

Parents don’t want to have to worry about their kids on the internet when they’re not around to keep an eye on them and knowing their child’s smartwatch is free of this function is a great comfort to many parents.

Benefits of leaving this feature out
• Fewer distractions
• No access to inappropriate content
• Drastically reduces risk of online stranger danger
• Eliminates risk of internet scams
• Kids can’t accidentally install malware
• Kids can’t spend money on online games and apps

No social media
While social media is great for keeping people connected, it’s not always the best place for children to be.

Children’s brains are still developing, and they can’t always tell what’s real on social media and what’s not, making them particularly vulnerable to things they see online.

To a child, it can look like people on social media lead the perfect lives, but in reality, people usually only post highlights- birthdays, dinners out and having fun with friends are fun to share, and you'll rarely see people doing the washing or cleaning the kitchen!

On top of this, may photos are heavily edited, giving kids a skewed idea on what their bodies should look like. This can have disastrous effects on their self-esteem and body image, which are not things children should have to deal with.

Benefits of leaving this feature out
• Reduces cyberbullying potential
• Reduces chances of falling victim to scams
• No distractions
• Lets kids be kids by not comparing their appearance to others
• Kids can’t accidentally give out personal information
• No opportunity to be swayed by targeted ads

The internet is a fantastic tool, but kids don’t need access to it at all times from their wrist. Not including open internet and social media access on our smartwatches lets kids be kids.

They don’t have to worry about cyberbullying, unwanted contact and inappropriate content, nor do they have the opportunity to compare themselves to the people they see on social media.

Every child is different and will gain an understanding of the internet at a pace their parents feel is appropriate for their age and maturity level.