Quick Start Guide

1. Buy your SIM card

When buying a SIM for your Spacetalk Adventurer, be sure to choose one with unlimited voice calls, SMS/ MMS and at least 1GB of data per month.

Please refer to our SIM card guide* to view recommended providers and activation information.

Please note: Some providers may charge extra for MMS messages in addition to your basic plan. To avoid these costs, we recommend using the Chat function to send and receive multimedia messages.

We recommend using the bonus JumpySIM card provided for the best cellular service in the US. Alternatively, choose a SIM from your preferred mobile carrier. Spacetalk suggests a cellular plan with unlimited talk and text and at least 1 GB of data.

JumpySIM plans include unlimited talk, text and data*, with roaming coverage to Canada and Mexico. JumpySIM plans start from just $18 a month. Note: JumpySIM plans are designed for Spacetalk devices. Using JumpySIM in other devices may result in limited service or cancellation. Please note, upon activation, JumpySIM incurs ongoing charges.

For more information visit JumpySIM website

2. Activate & recharge your SIM

Follow the instructions provided with your SIM card to activate. If you have a pre-paid SIM, it is important to load credit onto your SIM card after activation. Look for the ‘recharge’ section on your provider’s website.

If you have an existing, active mobile number and a Nano SIM card from ATT, T-Mobile or a MVNO carrier, you can use this SIM if Voice, Text, and data are still working.

3. Install your SIM

Make sure Spacetalk Adventurer is switched off. On the back of the watch, remove the SIM card cover with a small lever. Install the SIM card according to the instructions included in the box, replace the cover and turn the watch back on.

4. Download Spacetalk app

The Spacetalk app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Simply search “Spacetalk”, install the app and accept all permissions. Once installed, open the app and register a Spacetalk account.

5. Explore Spacetalk app

The app is the nerve centre of Spacetalk’s safety features. The app gives you control of your child’s Spacetalk from your own smartphone, letting you manage your child’s contacts, view their location with the GPS, create Safe Zones and much more

6. Pair your device

For details on how to pair Spacetalk Adventurer to your smartphone, you’ll find our step-by-step guide here* under ‘Spacetalk App’ and ‘Devices’

Congratulations, you’re done!

Tips for Use

Power Button

Power Button.

Simply hold down the power button on the back of the watch for approximately three seconds to turn it on. To turn off, hold the power button down again for options to either turn off or restart the watch.

Tip: Spacetalk will automatically dim the display when not in use to optimize the battery life. Simply double tap on the display to wake Spacetalk up.

Keep Spacetalk Adventurer software up to date

If you have just purchased Spacetalk Adventurer, we recommend installing the latest software update. From the watch clock screen, swipe down then tap on the "Settings" icon. Scroll down and select 'Software Update'. Spacetalk Adventurer checks for updates every few days if left on and charging overnight and any updates found are installed automatically.

Improving battery performance

Just like a regular phone, the amount of calls you make and receive on Spacetalk Adventurer will affect battery performance. Increasing the location update interval in the Settings menu of the Spacetalk app can also significantly extend battery life, as will reducing the screen brightness.

Multiple users on the Spacetalk app

You can share access to Spacetalk Adventurer with multiple trusted users by following these steps.

Primary Account Holder:

In your Spacetalk app, tap on the device you wish to share to reveal the pop-up menu, then tap 'Settings'.

Tap 'Device Sharing' then the purple 'Share Device' button.

Enter the email address of the person you wish to share Spacetalk Adventurer with.


Secondary Account Holder:

Use the link in the invitation to download the Spacetalk app.

Open the app and create a new Spacetalk account. Note: when creating your account, you must use the same email address the invitation was sent to.

Once you create and account and are logged in, tap on the 'Home' button. The request should appear under 'My Devices'.

Tap on the request to accept, and once accepted you will have shared access to that Spacetalk Adventurer.


My Spacetalk Adventurer will not pair with the Spacetalk app

Check that Spacetalk Adventurer is receiving a network signal by swiping down at the clock screen.

Ensure the SIM card has been activated by the carrier. It may take several hours for the provider to activate the SIM card.

Make sure your SIM card has credit, as this is required to pair Spacetalk Adventurer.

Turning Spacetalk Adventurer off and on again might also solve the problem.

If none of the above have worked, reset Spacetalk Adventurer from the settings menu. You will need your 4-digit PIN to reset (the last 4 digits of the IMEI number) which can be found in the Information menu.

The battery is running flat quickly

Try the below battery saving techniques.

· Set location intervals to one hour or turn off completely. You can still check your child’s location any time with Location on Demand.

· The latest Spacetalk update includes improvements to battery life. See the “Keep your Spacetalk Adventurer’s software up-to-date” section above.

· Check that your SIM card has credit on it, as battery life will be affected if your SIM card runs out of credit.

I need additional support

Visit www.spacetalkwatch.com/support for additional FAQ’s and troubleshooting tips.

Alternatively, contact us: Email: support-us@spacetalkwatch.com