Easing Kids into the World of Smartphones - How Spacetalk can Help

Giving a child a smartphone is a tough decision for any parent.Keeping in contact with your child is great, but smartphones carry risks of cyber bullying, opening kids up to inappropriate content,...

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Why Tracking Your Child is ok, When Done Safely

Trust is vital for a child’s development, and every parent wants their child to feel comfortable telling them about their concerns.As adults, we know the value of trust. We’ve all experienced a...

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How to Stop Kids Getting Around Parental Controls

Any parent knows kids have a knack for finding a way around almost any obstacle.It doesn’t matter where you’ve hidden the snacks, the iPad or those presents you put away for their...

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5 Things to Consider Before Posting Your Child's Picture Online

A birthday party, family Christmas, a dance recital- how many of us post happy snaps of these special moments on social media?There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share these pictures with loved...

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