Fun Ways to Connect with Loved Ones This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes all the fun of spending time with loved ones.

Unfortunately, not all of us are able to see our loved ones as much as we’d like, and the holiday season has a way of amplifying feelings of loneliness and isolation.

It’s not always as easy as jumping on a plane or taking a road trip to catch up. Travelling long distance might not be an option for one or both sides, whether that’s due to finances, illness, time restraints, work or mobility issues.

Thankfully, there are so many different ways to connect with family and friends near and far- it just takes a little creativity and thinking differently about how we connect.

No matter what your family celebrates or the traditions you follow, these tips will help you connect with your loved ones no matter the distance.

Video Calling
One of the most common ways to connect with long distance family and friends is a video call.
This can be a quick five-minute chat to check in or a longer call over a cup of coffee.
Some families even set up laptops at the dinner table and share a meal with loved ones, while others watch movies together via a streaming service.
Getting the kids involved is sure to put a smile on relatives faces. HD Video Calling is now available on Spacetalk Adventurer, so kids can give the grandparents a quick hello and see how they’re doing or share a few laughs and be silly with their cousins.
However your family likes to connect, there’s likely a video call opportunity available.

Writing a letter
There’s something about receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail.
I’m sure many of us can remember a time where sending cards and letters was more common than it is now and encouraging kids to get involved is a wonderful way to connect and share in this simple joy.
Getting kids to write and decorate a card to send to a loved one is not only fin for kids but will also bring a smile to the recipient's face.
You could even make this a more long-term tradition by becoming pen pals with a loved one, sending cards and letters back and forth.

Share a recipe
From gingerbread to honey carrots, most families have a recipe they associate with the holiday season.
A fun way to connect is to share a recipe with a loved one and cook together over a video call.
Not only does it give you a chance to have a chat while you both follow the recipe, but you’ll also learn to cook something new and can enjoy eating the finished dish together.

Care package
If your loved one needs cheering up or you just feel like giving them a surprise, a care package is a fun idea that can create long lasting memories.
Fill a small box with things your loved one will enjoy: their favourite snacks, fuzzy socks, a book by an author they love or something festive to decorate their home. Pair this with a nice card and you’ve got a care package that’s bound to put a smile on their face.
You could even give the package a theme like Christmas, Thanksgiving, their favourite colour or animal- the opportunities are endless.
You might even organise to do a care package exchange where you both create a box for each other.

Drop the guilt
Feeling guilty about not seeing someone over the holidays is something many of us have felt at some point.
You can’t do it all. With young kids, work and travel expenses, it’s unreasonable to put pressure on yourself to visit absolutely everyone- it’s simply not possible.
The holidays are also an opportunity to rest, not burn yourself out.
Accept that you can’t do it all and that a video call or a beautiful card in the mail is just as valid and cherished as an in-person visit.

Connecting with loved ones far away during the holidays is possible. With some creativity, time and handy technology, you can create memories with family and friends no matter where they are.