Introducing Spacetalk Wellness

Know how they’re really feeling with new Wellness features and HD Video Calling
At Spacetalk we believe your child’s mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical health, especially when it comes to their development.
That’s why we’re introducing new Wellness features plus HD video calling so you can see, hear and comfort your kids wherever they are.

What’s included in the Wellness update?
 Feelings: See your child’s current mood, wherever they are, straight from the app.
• Activity: Get an insight into your child’s overall level of wellness, using step and heart rate data.
• HD Video Calling: Talk to your child face-to-face in brilliant high definition.
• Funny Sounds: Encourages social development through laughter.

How does it all work?

lets kids send mood updates straight from the watch by tapping the emoji that best reflects how they feel. Using easily recognisable emojis is useful if a child is too young or still learning how to communicate their emotions.
Identifying their feelings can help develop a child’s emotional literacy by helping them understand and respond to their emotions in a healthy way.

On the Spacetalk app, you can see your child’s Activity level, calculated by the number of steps your child has taken in a certain number of minutes. The app will tell you whether your child is more or less active than normal.
This screen will also show their current mood and heart rate, giving you an insight into your child’s overall state of wellness.
With valuable insights like these, you’ll be better equipped to check in and see if your child is alright and offer comfort and support if they’re scared, anxious or upset.

Video calls in high definition
You can’t be everywhere at once, but video calling lets you be there no matter where you are.
Whether it’s a quick hello or showing grandma their new haircut, HD video calls are just another way we’re bringing families together.
HD Video calling is an especially powerful tool when used alongside the mood updates: a quick video call to comfort your anxious child might be just what they need to feel better, giving them confidence to keep going about their day.

Funny Sounds
We all know that laughing makes you feel better, so we’ve created a fun way for kids to add some extra laughter into their day.
Funny Sounds was developed to relieve stress through laughter and social interaction. Kids can de-stress and have a laugh over a mix of sound effects, such as animal noises, whoopees and musical instruments.

Supporting their development
Our Wellness features are designed to support both you and your child as they learn and grow their emotional development.
By checking in to see how kids are feeling, you’ll be better able to help them work through their emotions and learn healthy ways to express them- skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

How do I get these new features?
These features are available as a free software update. Simply charge your Spacetalk overnight, update your app and it should be installed automatically.
Please note: HD Video Calling is available on Spacetalk Adventurer only.
We hope you and your family benefit from the valuable insights you will gain from the new Wellness features, and that HD video calling brings heaps of smiles, laughs and comfort.

The wellness features are currently available on Spacetalk devices purchased through the Spacetalk online store and approved retail partners only. Spacetalk is a consumer grade general wellness device, not a certified medical device. Spacetalk wellness features are not intended for medical diagnostics. The information provided in this website or the Spacetalk mobile application is not a substitute for obtaining proper professional care or services. You should seek independent advice from a medical professional as required.