How 20 minutes of Reading a Day Can Boost Kids' Development

What better way to have an epic adventure than within the pages of a book?A book is a portal to another world, a place to explore distant worlds, meet quirky characters and...


10 Activities for Screen-Free Summer Holidays

School holidays are a great way for kids (and parents) to relax after a busy school term, a chance to recharge, reconnect and have some fun. Holidays give kids a much needed...


Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied? These are the Signs to Watch Out For

  A nasty comment on an Instagram post, a bit of gossip in the group chat, people attacking each other in the comments of a news article- you’ve probably seen behaviour like...


Spacetalk Family: Meet Tim!

Meet Tim, our social media superstar! Tim has been with us for six months and in that time has transformed our Facebook and Instagram pages into fun, vibrant and inspiring places to...


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