Spacetalk Family: Meet Michelle

This week, we meet our fabulous Senior Graphic Designer Michelle who has been pumping out creative ideas and beautiful designs for Spacetalk since September 2021.Who is in your family?My Mum Anne, Dad...


What is Online Etiquette and Why Do Kids Need It?

Manners are some of the first things we’re taught as kids, and for good reason. They can help kids make friends, improve their confidence and open doors to more opportunities as they grow.We’re all...


Teaching Kids About Their Digital Footprint

Have you ever had an old Facebook status come back to bite you? Maybe you’ve had an unflattering photo from the past do the rounds among your friends, to your horror!If these...


Helping Kids Get Tech Savvy with Safer Internet Day

The internet can be a place to learn new things and connect with loved ones. It’s a place to find new recipes, kick back with some sudoku or catch up on the...


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