Feature Focus: School Mode

Mobile phones can be one of the biggest sources of distraction for kids and adults alike. We’ve all looked at our phones for a second only to realise 15 minutes has evaporated...


Your Child's Screen Habits Start with You

There is no such thing as perfection, especially when it comes to our screen habits. Spending too much online, getting into arguments on Facebook or looking at our phones while people are...


How to Handle Back to School Stress as a Parent

From excitement to nervousness, sending the kids back to school can be a huge mix of emotions for parents and kids alike. For parents, the back-to-school period can also bring with it...


Developing Digital Literacy Skills Can Help Kids Stay Safe Online

Whether it’s school, shopping or making an appointment, technology is well and truly present in almost every aspect of our lives. Because of this constant tech presence, it is vital that kids...


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