How Your Screen Habits Can Affect Your Child

We’re all a little guilty of being glued to our phones from time to time. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a moment to let your brain rest before going back to...


Feature Focus: SOS Alerts

Finding yourself in a scary situation as an adult can be nerve wracking enough, so you can just imagine what it would be like for kids.Many of us can remember a time...


Spacetalk Family: Meet Laura!

Meet Laura, our brilliantly talented sales manager for the UK and Ireland who has one of the cutest dogs we've ever seen!   Who’s in your family?My mum and stepdad, my dad...


Keeping Kids Safe While Gaming Online

Whether it’s on the computer, gaming console, tablet or phone, online games have become a huge part of kid’s free time fun. This massive digital playground is home to hugely popular games...


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