How a Spacetalk Smartphone Watch Puts Parents in Control

Whether it’s catching the bus to school, walking the dog or going to the park with a friend, learning to navigate the world solo can build confidence and resilience in kids.

Knowing you can step in at any moment if your child is scared, lost or just wants to talk can be a huge comfort, and this is where a phone watch like Spacetalk comes in handy.

Spacetalk watches are different from regular smartphones because they put you in total control of your child’s device, letting you adjust the watch settings right from the app on your very own cell phone.

So, what do these parental controls mean for you and your child?

Peace of mind with safety features
Spacetalk is a kids watch with GPS, and this GPS technology is the foundation that our safety features are built on.

The Spacetalk app lets you see your child’s location at any time, as well as their location history. You also have the choice to get regular automatic location updates sent to your phone, at intervals ranging from every 5 minutes to every hour.

You can also set geofenced Safe Zones that will let you know when your child arrives at or leaves one of these zones, so if your child forgets to text you saying they got to school safely there’s no dramas- you’ll already know!

No unwanted contact
As a parent, you have full control over the contacts on your kids watch phone thanks to the Safe Contacts List.

You child won’t be able to contact or be contacted by anyone that’s not on the list, so you don’t have to worry about spam and scam callers or other unwanted contact.

With a few easy taps you can add or remove contacts from the list via the Spacetalk app, so you’ll always know exactly who your child is talking to.

No distractions and no worries
We all know cell phones can be a massive distraction in class, having a disastrous effect on a child’s ability to learn.

Thankfully, Spacetalk is the kind of smartwatch phone for kids that lets them learn distraction free thanks to School Mode.

School Mode lets parents turn off certain watch functions during school hours, such as calls and texts, turning Spacetalk into a regular watch while in class.

This is completely customizable in the app, letting you choose which times and days of the week School Mode is active. If there’s an emergency, you can quickly and simply enable the features again.

In addition to this, Spacetalk doesn’t have any access to the open internet or social media, meaning kids won’t be exposed to distractions, inappropriate content or online bullying- now that’s reassuring!

Spacetalk grows with your child
Knowing you have full control over your child’s device puts you in the driver’s seat of your child’s safety.

Being able to customize the watch features to suit your child’s needs as they grow means you can help support their independence, whatever their needs may be.