Spacetalk Family: Meet Michelle

This week, we meet our fabulous Senior Graphic Designer Michelle who has been pumping out creative ideas and beautiful designs for Spacetalk since September 2021.

Who is in your family?
My Mum Anne, Dad Marty, sister Jessica, brother-in-law Dan and of course my ADORABLE little nieces Ellie and Paige and my nephew Chase.

Describe your family in one word

Share your favourite memory with your family
Some of my favourite family memories happen around Christmas time. I’ve lived away from my family for the past 9 years, so getting together and spending quality time with them at Christmas is always just so special.

Tell us a family tradition that’s unique to your clan
I have a Dutch background and we have a family tradition where we do ‘Sunday Lunch’ which consists of bread rolls, cheese, cold meats, pickles, salad and a large selection of condiments. We lay it all out on the table and everyone makes their own delicious broodje (that’s Dutch for sandwich)!

Do you have any pets? If so, introduce us!
I have two rescue cats, a very fluffy black and white cat called Ophelia (we call her Philly) and a calico cat called Dali (who we call Dahlia).

What is your pet named after?
Ophelia is a very regal looking cat, so I wanted to give her a royally fitting name. I really love the name Dahlia so that’s where that name came from.

Tell us three things you’re into
Music, travelling and spending quality time with friends.

What are your tips for staying connected during a pandemic?
I got my 7-year-old niece Ellie a Spacetalk for Christmas, and she calls me on it nearly every day. Before her Spacetalk I would only get to talk to Ellie around once a week through my sister, but now I can message and talk to her all the time, it’s the best!

Complete this sentence: This year I want to reconnect with...
Friends in London <3

Tell us why
Because I used to live there, and it’s been many years since I went back – time for a Euro trip, I think!

What’s your favourite quote?
“The sullen winter nearly spent, Queen Flora to her garden went, to call the flowers from their long sleep, the year's glad festivals to keep.” It’s a poem from an old, illustrated Children’s book called Flora’s Feast! I love it.