Feature Focus: HD Video Calling

There’s nothing like talking to your child face-to-face. From seeing them laugh when they tell jokes to watching their puppy dog eyes when they say they totally didn’t eat the last biscuit in the jar, facial expressions can communicate so much more than words.

Thanks to Spacetalk’s new HD video calling feature, you can now see your child’s face in crystal clear clarity wherever you are.

Video calling adds a whole new dimension when it comes to communicating with your child and can be a powerful tool when used alongside some of our new Wellness features.

For example, if the Feelings feature lets you know your child is upset, a video call from you might be just what they need to feel better.

Let’s run through how HD video calling works on both Spacetalk Adventurer and on the app.

How to make a video call

From the app

To make a video call on the Spacetalk app, simply select your child’s device, press the call button and then select the Video Call option.

From Spacetalk Adventurer

If your child wants to make a video call, they simply tap the Video Call icon on their watch and select the contact they want to call- it’s that easy!


Developed with safety in mind

At Spacetalk, safety is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’ve implemented safety measures into our video calling feature.

Max durations: Video calls will have a max duration of two minutes. This lets you check in with your child while ensuring the battery lasts to support important safety features until kids are safely home again.

Usage limits: Adventurer will prevent video calls if the battery is less than 30%, the SIM’s data limit has been reached or if a video call was made less than two minutes ago. This conserves battery life and ensures that there is enough data for those all-important safety features.

Whether it’s a quick hello or showing grandma their new haircut, high-definition video calls are just another way we’re bringing families together.

We hope you and your family enjoy seeing each other’s smiles, and that HD video calling brings everyone a little closer together, no matter the distance.



The wellness features are currently available on Spacetalk devices purchased through the Spacetalk online store and approved retail partners only. Spacetalk is a consumer grade general wellness device, not a certified medical device. Spacetalk wellness features are not intended for medical diagnostics. The information provided in this website or the Spacetalk mobile application is not a substitute for obtaining proper professional care or services. You should seek independent advice from a medical professional as required.