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4 happy kids 2 very happy parents

I bought 4 devices for my 4 children aged 4, 6, 9 and 11. My two older kids have been asking for a cell phone for a while but I was afraid of them being subjected to cyber bullying but I still wanted to give them the freedom of staying in touch, contacting family in other countries which has been hard with covid stopping travel, and feeling in with the crowd who have cell phones. I also wanted them to feel safe on the school bus and to be able to contact me should they need to. The older girls have loved these watches for all the reasons above. My 6 year old has enjoyed the camera the most and my 4 year old son likes the fitness tracker step counter.

Great little device

I love this watch for keeping my son safe and being able to communicate with me if he is feeling unsafe or plans change for picking up and dropping off.

Piece of mind

A device that provides just enough connection to know that your child is ok and vice versa. We use it on bike rides and my child is always ahead of me but calls me to let me know they are ok. Recommend this for children under 12.

Space talk adventure

Excellent product

Watch instead of a phone

I have had zero issues with the watch. I can keep track of my 10 year old when he is out in the bush with his mates. Brilliant device.

Amazing watches

These watches are amazing they have given my children the freedom they have been wanting, and I now don't have to worry about them. I can track where they are at all times, they can contact me and I them. Finally a watch with all the good features without the internet, my kids love their watches.

No more wondering.

Our daughter is enjoying knowing that she can contact us and we can contact her if plans change. She enjoys sending audio messages and taking photos. We have peace of mind to know where she is as long as she is wearing it. While it isn't the phone she wanted it is a step towards that level of responsibility and independence. The SIM /ph no can go straight into a phone when the time is right.

Healthy Independence

Connection - with friends
Safety - easily contactable & traceable
Independence - able to set rules suited to his age group and follow allowing personal freedoms

Brilliant product! Worth every dollar.

We love this so much, our daughter feels safe knowing she can just message or call anytime when she is at school or out at sleepovers. Makes it a great way to connect without a smart phone or other device.


I got this for my kid, loved it as it keeps me connected to her and can easily track her.

Perfect for kids

My son love this watch, also its very convenient for us to contact them. must recommended.

Excellent product and service

The watch does everything it's meant to, great product, we had a problem with the band and sent it back to be repaired under warranty. They fixed it the minute it arrived and was in the way back the same day, fantastic service, customer service is 5 star, highly recommend space watch

great watch

great watch with awesome features

SpaceTalk Adventurer

Great product that meets our needs
Battery runs low quite quickly even when reducing the frequency of Location updates
Screen is not as touch responsive as other devices

Very impressive

Have bought the Spacetalk upgrade from the original Kids watch. Very impressive.

really happy!

it is great. lets me keep in touch with my dad while he is stuck at work. just really happy with it.
finding it easy to learn how to use this. will get easier over time.
and mum can let me know when she is on the way to pick us up from school!

Exactly what we needed

Exactly what we needed in a single parent situation. So helpful for my family.

It is a great way to stay in touch that you can control, without having to get a phone. It has given my 9yo a safe communication line to us and good training for when he does graduate to a mobile.

Spacetalk Adventurer 👍

This is my daughters second Spacetalk Watch - we upgraded to the Adventurer version when she turned 10.
She loves that it has a camera to take photos and she can share them with her family and friends, she also likes the heart rate monitor, the calendar and being able to contact people (via chat, messages or calling) when she needs or wants to. The band was a little difficult to get used to from the old version but she has mastered it now. She wishes that the watch was fully waterproof and also had video calling, but overall she gives it a 4/5. My other daughter can't wait for me to set up the old Spacetalk Kids watch for her to use now.
The Spacetalk Adventurer watch was a good alternative to a mobile phone which I was reluctant to give a 10yr old. It was relatively easy to set up although I did need to contact Customer Support who were terrific in helping me navigate what needed to be done. The GPS, messaging and calling features give me the peace of mind to contact and locate her when arrangements change, if she needs to catch public transport or if she is at a friends house and wants to contact me.
The School Mode function is great and I also like the fact that you can determine who your child can contact and the watch will "block" any other calls from numbers not programmed into the app.
Overall the watch has been great, is easy to use and gives my daughter the independence and security she needs when catching public transport home after school.

kids love it

Present from the grandparents. Handy for contacting the kids without having to give them a phone and they love being able to contact the family and it's good to know you can find their location if need be.

Great Idea

Bought as a present for my granddaughter and she loves it, plus it is lovely to be able to communicate together. Bought directly from the website and the service and delivery was excellent, plus receiving the extra band was a lovely bonus for her to be able to change colours when she wants.

So many good things about this

It's an expensive watch but I couldn't put a price on the reduced stress that our daughter is experiencing because of her increased independence. She loves that she can ride to and from school.
There are some improvements to make with the app and the user interface. I'm sure they will work on that.


Great way to know where you're child is and peace of mind

Excellent for my kid

This is very good for my kid who is initially very scared of being alone. Everyday we call each other on his way to school and walking home just to make sure I am with him every step of the way. I can track him on GPS just to make sure he is taking the right track. Voice SMS is also very useful. My daughter will have one too next year.

No more social media, worrying about internet content and where my child is.

We've been using the Adventurer for 3 months now and I've been impressed with the unit. It's reliable, battery lasts the day, gps pretty accurate and phone quality is decent.

The only missing feature (coming in future) is video calling.

Other than that it's a cracker unit!