Watch for Kids

watch for kids

Australian designed and built for safety and security, Spacetalk Adventurer is a mobile phone and a GPS tracker watch for kids all-in-one wearable device. The Spacetalk App gives parents full control of their kids watch and lets them adjust settings like Safe Zones, Safe Contacts, School Mode, GPS Tracker and more.

Reloj inteligente Spacetalk Adventurer Teléfono

Spacetalk Adventurer is our brand new 4G mobile phone, GPS Tracker all-in one wearable. Enclosed in a revolutionary new design and along with all the features you know and love...
$199.00 $189.00
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Kit de soporte de carga Spacetalk Adventurer

¿De viaje? ¿En una fiesta de pijamas? No vuelvas a preocuparte de que el Spacetalk Adventurer se quede sin energía. Dé a sus hijos la libertad de moverse y dése...
​Kit protector de pantalla Spacetalk Adventurer

​Kit protector de pantalla Spacetalk Adventurer

Ayude al Spacetalk Adventurer de su hijo a resistir la rudeza de las aventuras cotidianas. Los kits de protectores de pantalla Spacetalk son perfectos para defenderse de la arena, la...

Correa de la banda Spacetalk Adventurer

¿Te apetece cambiar el Spacetalk Adventurer de tu hijo? Sin el molesto cierre metálico, la banda de silicona Adventurer, las ranuras y el cierre garantizan un ajuste perfecto alrededor de...
$29.99 $20.99
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Spacetalk Adventurer Band Strap Buckle

Feel like switching up your look? Our new buckle band strap design is easy for kids to use while remaining secure on the wrist, perfect for busy, active kids. Available...
$29.99 $20.99
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Spacetalk Adventurer Ultimate Accessories Pack

Spacetalk Adventurer Ultimate Accessories Pack

Our Spacetalk Adventurer Ultimate Accessories Pack includes a charging stand kit to keep your Spacetalk charged and ready to go, a screen protector kit to defend against dirt and scratches,...
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