Smart Watch for Kids

smart watch for kids

Australian designed and built for safety and security, Spacetalk Adventurer is a smart watch for kids aged 5 - 12. Enclosed in a revolutionary new design, Spacetalk Adventurer is a mobile phone and GPS tracker all-in-one wearable device. The Spacetalk App gives parents full control of their kids smart watch and lets them adjust settings like Safe Zones, Safe Contacts, School Mode, GPS Tracker and more.

Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Phone

The Spacetalk Adventurer 4G Kids Smart Watch Phone and GPS tracker, from the global leader in children’s safety wearable communication devices is designed to give kids more freedom and parents...

Spacetalk Adventurer Charging Stand Kit

On the go? At a sleepover? Never worry about Spacetalk Adventurer running out of power again. Give your kids the freedom to roam and give yourself the peace of mind...
Spacetalk Adventurer Screen Protector Kit

Spacetalk Adventurer Screen Protector Kit

Help your child’s Spacetalk Adventurer resist the rough and tumble of everyday adventure. Spacetalk screen protector kits are perfect for defending against grit, grime and scratches. Each kit contains:  2...

Spacetalk Adventurer Band Strap

Fancy changing up your child’s Spacetalk Adventurer? With no finicky metal clasp, the Adventurer silicone band, loopholes, and fastener guarantee a snug fit around their wrist. Designed for comfort and...
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Spacetalk Adventurer Band Strap Buckle

Feel like switching up your look? Our new buckle band strap design is easy for kids to use while remaining secure on the wrist, perfect for busy, active kids. Available...
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Spacetalk Adventurer Ultimate Accessories Pack

Spacetalk Adventurer Ultimate Accessories Pack

Our Spacetalk Adventurer Ultimate Accessories Pack includes a charging stand kit to keep your Spacetalk charged and ready to go, a screen protector kit to defend against dirt and scratches,...
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